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                Instant Search Widget

                Quickest and easiest way to get search results from
                all major engines by one click.

                Just press control (ctrl) button and select text,
                - it will automatically copied to search field on on small pop-up,
                - click on magnifier search button and you get results on same page.


                Instant Search Widget is an enhancement/service offered to extension developers.
                We are still work on it to make it better, so any input is more than welcome.
                Feel free to let us know how we can improve our service.

                In case you do not like it, we are very sorry and here are the steps
                how to disable it:

                    1. Select text on any web-page, - small pop-up with selected text will appear.
                    2. Click on search icon (or press enter).


                    3. Bigger pop-up with search results will appear, click the round button labeled 'Zz'.
                    4. Drop-down menu will appear, - click bottom option labeled 'forever (all sites)'.


                Our service will be permanently disabled.