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       is an innovative web search aggregation tool
                that provides results from all major search engines with
                a single search.

                Search engines use a variety of technologies to get results
                from the vast pool of available information.

       allows you to run simultaneous searches against
                multiple major engines, analyze, optimize they results and
                render them like a combined results. 

                The goal is to improve the quality of the information and speed
                up the research process by providing additional filtering
                functionalities and distraction-free reading environment on top
                of the search engine results.

                We are not aiming at competing with the leading search engines,
                but to use and improve the way search results are presented and
                used by allowing users to quickly browse and manipulate search
                data thus saving hundreds of online research hours.

       provides you the best and quick access 
                to all web news, blogs, images, videos, shopping and job
                search results from all major search engines at once.

       is the quickest way to get search results
                from Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Twitter
                and more..

                Why choose just one source if you don’t have to?
                Now you can have it all – in one place by single click!

                Try now and let us know how we can improve